Year-Round Life Coaching Support

What is Our Life Arena?

Our Life Arena is our Life Coach Membership program. Here's what you need to know... 

Support from your peers

Working a 9-5, taking care of your kids, taking care of the house, taking care of your pets, maintaining relationships, maintaining your fitness and mental health can be absolutely D R A I N I N G. The adult life is extremely challenging and if you don't have a strong support system you're forced to deal with life's challenges on your own which can take a toll on you. We provide group coaching sessions where your Life Coach brings you together with other people who are ready to take control of their life and change their life for the better. 

Personal Life Coach, catered to your needs

In addition to the group coaching sessions you will receive, you have access to one Individual Life Coaching session every month. From the get-go you let your Life Coach know what you're looking to gain from this membership. Some people are looking for meaning and fulfillment, while others are looking to better their relationship with their children. Some people need to discuss their challenges to find a solution while others may be feeling lonely and need someone to talk to. Our Life Coaches will cater to your current needs. 

Get Individual Coaching, Easier than Ever

You can easily schedule your consultation with your Life Coach through your member portal in just a few minutes. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of time slots they have and you can choose any so long as it's available. Your Life Coach will then reach out to you at the scheduled day and time. The process is fast and easy.

Little to no cost

We know how pricey it can be to afford a Life Coach. It may be one of the reasons you've never even considered looking for one. A typical coaching session can range anywhere from $250/hour - $500/hour. Even if Life Coaching is a very valuable service you may be thinking that's too much money. This is why our services are drastically lower than what you would expect saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Helping you find fulfillment in all areas of your life

Our Life Coaches help you improve in all areas of your life including: marriage, career, personal goals, financial goals, mental health, and more. They also have a special interest in helping you improve your relationship with your children. After all, no one teaches us what the "right" method is to raise our kids. Moreover, your Life Coach is ready to serve you and help you in any area of your life. 

Life Coaching at Unmatched Value


A dedicated personal Life Coach 

Monthly 60 minute Individual Coaching Session 

Unlimited text consultations with immediate support

Weekly group coaching sessions

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