Youth Summer

Self-Development Program

What is Our Life Lab?

Our Life Lab is a 4-6 week program consisting of 12-18 workshops where we provide a safe, caring and growth-inducing environment for teenagers. The workshops consist of the following strong three pillars:



We provide a growth-inducing environment where our students have the opportunity to discuss current challenges they are facing so they can problem solve as a team while building relationships with their peers.



We provide life skill courses where our students will learn a wide variety of skills that will help them in their transition to adulthood.

Motivational Speaker


We end our four hour workshop with the Power Hour. This hour consists of a set of bonuses such as Ted Talks, Motivational Videos, Guest Speakers and other unconventional and remarkable self-development practices. 

Apply For a Scholarship

To submit an application for your child for our summer program, please take the time to fill out the information below so we can determine if he or she is qualified.

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